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Segregated Funds Ebook... if you are not guaranteed to get back at least most of your money ... then why would you buy investment funds?

When you buy a house or a piece of land, an antique or a stock, don't you, at the very least, expect to get a major part of your money back when you sell?


Why putting money into investment funds without a guarantee is risky

If you put money into a segregated fund, you are guaranteed, depending on age, at least 75% of your money to be returned at maturity. Or 100% at least, if you die within 15 years. This is not the case with mutual funds, which also lack other basic protections as:

  Mutual Funds Segregated Funds
Maturity Guarantee NO YES
Stock Market Guarantee NO YES
Death Benefit NO YES
Creditor Protection NO POSSIBLY
Probate Exception NO YES


Globe Funds 5-Star Segregated Funds

Segregated Funds 5-Star Rating
Canadian Dividend
Canadian Equity
Canadian Equity Balanced
Canadian Fixed Income
Canadian Money Market


Segregated funds in Canada range from risky to the very conservative. But apart from the funds you choose, you need to discuss the costs associated with each particular segregated fund. A fund which has fixed high costs must have a high return to make the investment worthwhile. This is something you must discuss with your advisor.


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